Hair Dryer Chair


About 15 years ago my sister brought home this canary-yellow hair dryer chair she rescued from an old house pending a flip. She and I get our love for antiques and nostalgia from our mom dragging us from thrift stores to antique malls when we were kids, and of course the ever-famous “Mukilteo Garage Sale Day” we anticipated every spring. We couldn’t believe it still worked! The chair was a center of entertainment for a short while, taking funny photos with curlers in and sometimes actually using it. Over time it became part of our family home’s identity, and then a burden when we needed the space. I felt compelled to save the hair dryer chair from it’s inevitable ride to Goodwill and give it a new life creating conversation and providing extra seating in my homes. It’s now moved with me three times, never really thinking much about it’s condition because I’ve loved it unconditionally. For a time I thought I didn’t have space anymore, but it settled right into my Mid-Century inspired living room. Recently my partner sat down too hard and a button popped off the seat! This made me give the chair a good look for the first time – and it needed some love.

I was surprised with the first swipe of the magic eraser how desperately the vinyl needed cleaning! After an hour or so of scrubbing I found it’s true color again, unfortunately with a little fading. Reattaching the button was a challenge that involved a skewer, some pliers, and glue, but I managed to get it back on there. Today it looks almost better than ever and I love the color it brings to the room. As a designer I appreciate things with good form AND function, this chair earns it’s keep by being beautiful and a back up plan in case my hand-held hair dryer decides to bite the dust!